Hugo module


The theme is an hugo modules-theme. It is not recommended to add this theme as a git submodule. However, it is still possible. See the Deep modifications guide for me.

Using the theme as a hugo module provides several benefits for the development of this theme.

Versioning / stable theme

With modules it is possible to point to any git hash you like. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to only use a versionised version of this theme. Checkout the GitHub Release page for the latest version.

You can run the follwing command to update/change the theme version:

hugo mod get -u[SEMVER_VERSION]

There can be als an hash or an branch name after the @-sign.


  1. To use the theme you first have to transform your own hugo site to an module. Doing this is possible with the following command:
hugo mod init MODULE_NAME

A typical module name follows the following convention: domain-name.tld/something.

  1. After that you can declare the hugo module in your config file (yaml example):