Get Started

The Fresh theme for Hugo

Fresh is a theme for the Hugo static site generator adapted from the gorgeous, Bulma-based theme of the same name from CSS Ninja. You can find a live demo of the original theme here and a live demo of the Hugo theme here.

Getting started

To create a new site using this theme as hugo module:

Make sure go > 1.13 is installed on your system. Download and install if needed.

# Create site and cd into it
hugo new site my-site && cd my-site

# Transform your hugo site to an module
hugo mod init YOUR_MODULE_NAME

# Remove the default config
rm hugo.toml

# Fetch the example config
curl -O

# Run the site locally
hugo server

# Open the site in your browser
open http://localhost:1313

Customizing your page

Checkout the Landing page docs to customize the landing page.

There is also the option to create single pages. Check the Single page docs for more.

Have some troubles? Check our troubleshooting guide.

Interested in changed colors? Checkout the Deep modifications guide.